A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

They're outside, and they won't stop until they get in. Repair the floor as it breaks to repel the invaders. Dash when you have a full heart to get to a breach quicker.



  • Arrows - Move
  • A - Fix
  • S - Dash

Xbox 360 Controller

  • Left analog stick - Move
  • A - Fix
  • X - Dash

For Wizard Jam 6. Based on They Came Through the Floor. Linux build untested.



Knocking on Hell's Floor - MacOS.zip 19 MB
Knocking on Hell's Floor - Windows 32.zip 15 MB
Knocking on Hell's Floor - Windows 64.zip 17 MB
Knocking on Hell's Floor - Linux.zip 34 MB


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Very creepy atmosphere and a fun concept. After a certain point I don't know that I could have kept up.

I enjoyed playing this! The soundscape is very impressive and the lighting also really helps add to the mood. 

Sometimes I couldn't repair the floor when I thought I could. Not sure if there's a location-based restraint on the tiles that I couldn't discern?  I also had a little trouble knowing which tile they got through at the end before it told me I was done for. 

All around, a great game! Very nice work.